Neopronouns (

Personal pronouns that are not officially (i.e., in dictionaries, style guides, etc.) recognized by the language that they are used in. Often intended to be gender neutral.
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No Broader Term
Ae (pronouns)
Co (pronouns)
Cy (pronouns)
E (pronouns)
Ey (pronouns)
Fe (pronouns)
Fae (pronouns)
Fey (pronouns)
Hu (pronouns)
It (pronouns)
Jee (pronouns)
Kit (pronouns)
Ne/nir (pronouns)
Ne/nem (pronouns)
Peh (pronouns)
Per (pronouns)
Sie (pronouns)
Se (pronouns)
Shi (pronouns)
Si (pronouns)
Thon (pronouns)
Ve/ver (pronouns)
Ve/vem (pronouns)
Voi (pronouns)
Vi/ver (pronouns)
Vi/vim (pronouns)
Xie (pronouns)
Xe (pronouns)
Xey/xem/xyr (pronouns)
Xey/xem/xeir (pronouns)
Yo (pronouns)
Ze (pronouns)
Ze/hir (pronouns)
Ze/zem (pronouns)
Ze/mer (pronouns)
Zee/zed (pronouns)
Zee/zir (pronouns)
Zie/zem (pronouns)
Zie/hir (pronouns)
Zme (pronouns)

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