Black LGBTQ+ people (

Black LGBTQ+ people
LGBTQ+ Black people
Black people (LGBTQ)
Black people who are also LGBTQ+; do not use for people of color broadly; follow the individual's preference for Black or African American whenever possible
2019-05-14 07:03:50 UTC
2021-12-14 12:47:50 UTC

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LGBTQ+ people of colour
LGBTQ+ people in ethnic groups
Black LGBTQ+ people
Blaqueer people
Afro-Canadian LGBTQ+ people
Afro-Caribbean LGBTQ+ people
Afro-European LGBTQ+ people
Afro-Latin American LGBTQ+ people
African American LGBTQ+ people
Black gay men
Black bisexual people
Black transgender people
Black lesbians
Black queer people

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