Ovo-testes (https://homosaurus.org/v3/homoit0001066)

"Ovotesticular DSD "  
True hermaphroditism  
People with this variation are born with both ovarian and testicular tissue. A person can develop one testis and one ovary, or they may develop one or more ovo-testes, which means that a single gonad is made up of both ovarian and testicular cells. The levels of hormones they produce can vary and how their genitals and secondary sex characteristics develop will depend partially on the levels of estrogen and testosterone that their bodies make. In adolescence, people with ovo-testes may develop features associated with either a typical estrogen puberty or a typical testosterone puberty, or they may develop some of each. Sometimes a person with an ovary and a testis or with ovo-testes can produce viable sperm and viable eggs.
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