Queer theology (https://homosaurus.org/v3/homoit0001218)

Queer theology
Gay theology
LGBTQ+ theology
Lesbian theology
A theological method that developed out of queer theory. Queer theology, which encompasses the previously commonly used terms gay theology and lesbian theology, can variously be understood as (1) theology done by, with, and for LGBTQ+ people according to their needs; (2) theology that purposefully opposes social and cultural norms surrounding gender and sexuality; and (3) theology that broadly challenges and deconstructs harmful historical boundaries.
As part of the v3.2 update, the following terms were redirected to this term to ensure that the vocabulary accurately reflected the subject matter described: "Bisexual theology," "Gay theology," "Lesbian theology," "LGBTQ+ theology," and "Transgender theology." We recommend that users replace those terms with the term "Queer theology" in their records.
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Queer theology

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