LGBTQ+ relationships (

LGBTQ+ relationships
Relationships (LGBTQ)  
Ongoing connections (romantic, sexual, or platonic) between two or more LGBTQ+ people.
As part of the v3.3 update, the term "Relationship satisfaction" was redirected to this term, "LGBTQ+ relationships," in order to better reflect the vocabulary's scope.
2019-05-14 07:04:20 UTC
2021-12-14 12:25:24 UTC

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No Broader Term
LGBTQ+ relationships
Bisexual relationships
Butch-femme relationships
Cross-cultural relationships
Gay relationships
Intergenerational relationships
Lesbian relationships
Queer relationships
Sexual relationships
Transgender relationships
LGBTQ+ couples
Romantic relationships
Asexual relationships
Intersex relationships

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