Neopronouns (

Personal pronouns that are not officially (i.e., in dictionaries, style guides, etc.) recognized by the language that they are used in. Often intended to be gender neutral.
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No Broader Term
Ae/Aer/Aerself (Pronouns)
Cy/Cyb/Cyberself (Pronouns)
E/Em/Emself (Pronouns)
Ey/Em/Eirself (Pronouns)
Fae/Faer/Faerself (Pronouns)
Fe/Fem/Femself (Pronouns)
Fey/Fem/Femself (Pronouns)
Hu/Hum/Humself (Pronouns)
Ne/Nem/Nis (Pronouns)
Ne/Nir/Nemself (Pronouns)
Se/Ser/Serself (Pronouns)
Shi/Hir/Hirself (Pronouns)
Ve/Vem/Verself (Pronouns)
Vi/Ver/Virself (Pronouns)
Vi/Vim/Virself (Pronouns)
Voi/Void/Voidself (Pronouns)
Xe/Xyr/Xemself (Pronouns)
Xey/Xem/Xeir (Pronouns)
Xey/Xem/Xyr (Pronouns)
Xie/Xer/Xerself (Pronouns)
Ze/Zir/Zirself (Pronouns)
Ze/Hir/Hirself (Pronouns)
Ze/Mer/Zemself (Pronouns)
Ze/Zem/Zirself (Pronouns)
Zee/Zed/Zedself (Pronouns)
Zie/Zir/Zirself (Pronouns)
Zie/Hir/Hirself (Pronouns)
Zie/Zem/Zirself (Pronouns)
Zme/Zmyr/Zmyrself (Pronouns)
It/It/Itself (Pronouns)
Peh/Pehm/Pehself (Pronouns)
Per/Per/Perself (Pronouns)
Yo/Yo/Yosself (Pronouns)
Kit/Kit/Kitself (Pronouns)
Co/Co/Coself (Pronouns)
Jee/Jem/Jemself (Pronouns)
Thon/Thon/Thonself (Pronouns)
Si/Hyr/Hyrself (Pronouns)
Sie/Hir/Hirself (Pronouns)
Ve/Ver/Verself (Pronouns)

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