LGBTQ+ disabled people (

LGBTQ+ disabled people
Disabled people (LGBTQ)
LGBTQ+ people with disabilities
LGBTQ+ people with physical disabilities
LGBTQ+ people with visual disabilities
People with disabilities (LGBTQ)
LGBTQ+ people who are disabled.
As part of the v3.2 update, the following terms were redirected to this term to ensure that the vocabulary accurately reflected the communities described: "LGBTQ+ people with physical disabilities" and "LGBTQ+ people with visual disabilities." We recommend that users replace those two terms with the term "LGBTQ+ disabled people" in their records.
2022-02-15 18:11:17 UTC
2022-02-15 18:11:17 UTC

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LGBTQ+ people
LGBTQ+ disabled people
Bisexual disabled people
Gay disabled people
Lesbian disabled people
LGBTQ+ blind people
LGBTQ+ Deaf people
LGBTQ+ hard of hearing people
LGBTQ+ wheelchair users
Queer disabled people
Transgender disabled people
LGBTQ+ neurodivergent people
Asexual disabled people
Greyromantic disabled people
Non-binary disabled people
Two-Spirit disabled people
Intersex disabled people
Demisexual disabled people
Megasexual disabled people
Aromantic disabled people

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