Leydig cell hypoplasia (https://homosaurus.org/v3/homoit0002863)

Leydig cell hypoplasia
People with Leydig cell hypoplasia (LCH) have XY chromosomes and a genetic insensitivity to luteinizing hormone. LCH can be either complete (known as LCH Type 1) or partial (known as LCH Type 2). Luteinizing hormone is typically responsible for the development of Leydig cells in the testicles and for signaling for those cells to produce androgens like testosterone. Someone with LCH will develop few or no Leydig cells and therefore will produce less testosterone than is typical.
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Intersex variations
Leydig cell hypoplasia
Type 1 Leydig cell hypoplasia
Type 2 Leydig cell hypoplasia

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