Indigenous LGBTQ+ people (

Indigenous LGBTQ+ people
LGBTQ+ Indigenous people
Indigenous people (LGBTQ)  
LGBTQ+ people who are part of an Indigenous people, or culturally distinct ethnic group whose members are directly descended from the earliest known inhabitants of a particular region and, to some extent, maintain the language and culture of those people. Only use to describe people who identify as Indigenous; use more specific terms whenever possible
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LGBTQ+ people of colour
Indigenous LGBTQ+ people
Indigiqueer people
Native American LGBTQ+ people
Kānaka Maoli LGBTQ+ people
Papuan LGBTQ+ people
Inuit LGBTQ+ people
Indigenous lesbians
Indigenous gay men
Indigenous bisexual people
Indigenous transgender people
Indigenous queer people
Indigenous intersex people
Aboriginal Australian LGBTQ+ people

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