Indigenous asexual people (

Indigenous asexual people
Asexual Indigenous people
Asexual people who are part of an Indigenous people, or culturally distinct ethnic group whose members are directly descended from the earliest known inhabitants of a particular region and, to some extent, maintain the language and culture of those people. Only use to describe people who identify as Indigenous; use more specific terms whenever possible.
To acknowledge their multiple marginalization, terms for people of color who are LGBTQ+ use the following format: Racial or ethnic identity followed by gender or sexual identity (e.g., Black lesbians).
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2023-06-30 00:43:16 UTC

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Indigenous LGBTQ+ people
Indigenous asexual people
Kānaka Maoli asexual people
Native American asexual people
Pacific Islander American asexual people
Papuan asexual people
Inuit asexual people

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